St. Peter’s Church awards two scholarships each year.  The Van der Bogart scholarship is open to any resident of Wicomico County.  The Reeves scholarship is awarded to a member of St. Peter’s Church.  See below for details.

John Patrick Reeves Scholarship

The 2017 Application period is now closed.  Application deadline was Friday, May 19.

The John Patrick Reeves scholarship is awarded each year to a member of St. Peter’s Church in need who has been accepted to an accredited two-year college, four-year college, or university as a full-time student.  Scholarship award amount for 2017 is $4.000.  Notification of results in June.  Award conferred in July.

DOWNLOAD the Application Packet

Alvin J. and Margaret J. Van der Bogart Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship cycle for 2017 is now complete.  Congratulations to Nicholas Selser, the 2017 recipient of the Alvin J. and Margaret J. Van der Bogart Memorial Scholarship.

The Alvin J. and Margaret J. Van der Bogart Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to assist in or provide for the higher education of a young man or woman resident of Wicomico County.  In addition to the residence requirement, the applicant must be have a cumulative unweighted Grade Point Average of 3.5 or higher at the high school or the college which the applicant is currently attending, and must have applied for admission to a college or university as a full-time student.

The recipient of the Alvin J. and Margaret J. Van der Bogart Memorial Scholarship shall be chosen on the the basis of merit from among all applicants and not need.  If the qualified applicants are relatively equal in their merits, preference will be given to a member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.  Applications should be submitted to the Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Salisbury, Maryland.  The Rector, with the assistance of an advisory committee, will select as the recipient of the Memorial Scholarship that young person who, among the applicants, has best shown academic capabilities for higher education and who best embodies the principles of Christian ideals and living.

The Van der Bogart Scholarship shall be awarded for one year at a time, but may be awarded to the same individual for as many as four consecutive years.

Important Information from the Advisory Committee:  The application must be fully complete and signed in order to be considered.  The two essays requested will be given consideration in the final evaluations. The complete documentation, as requested on the application, is critical.  When submitting your transcripts, please include your grade point average, a complete listing of all classes taken and grades received in your Junior and Senior years (High School) or all years attended (College).  All AP, SAT, and ACT test scores should be listed on your application — use an additional sheet if you need more space to list them.  When listing your references,  include their letters of recommendation.  Any honors and awards may be listed in your resume, which can be included as an attachment.  The Scholarship award this year is around $23,000.  The application must be downloaded and saved to your device.  Then you can type your information onto the application form and print it out on paper to sign and then submit along with your attachments.  The application is available below:

DOWNLOAD the 2017 Application Packet