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 Parish Dinner and Bishop Visit This Fri, Nov. 1
Friday, November 1, is the Feast of All Saints, one of the six principal feasts of the church year, and we are honored this year to welcome the Bishop of Easton, the Rt. Rev. James “Bud” Shand, to celebrate Holy Eucharist on this feast day at 7pm in St. Peter’s Church.  There will be an opportunity to give to the Bishop's discretionary fund.  A Parish Dinner will precede the service at 5:30pm in the Parish Hall and you are invited!  Bring a dessert to share if you can.  Please, keep our baptismal candidates Oakley Power and Thomas Tydall in your prayers – they will be baptized by Bishop Shand during the service as the church’s newest saints.  Oakley is the son of new parishioners Melodi and Ryan Power; Thomas is the son of parishioner Alexis Turcol. 
Stewardship Campaign Off to Good Start – Your Pledge Needed!
As of today, 82 pledge cards have been received for a total of $200,000 pledged so far for 2014, which is a great beginning for our annual giving campaign.  Over 50 households have increased their pledge from last year, which is good news.  However, many pledge cards have not yet been received.  Their addition to the total giving is crucial to enable St. Peter’s to fund its operations and ministries for 2014. 
If you have already pledged, thank you!
If you have not yet pledged, please prayerfully consider signing and sending in your 2014 Pledge Card as soon as you can. You can deliver it to the Parish Office or place it in the collection plate in church this Friday evening or Sunday morning.  
What is being pledged is important for the preparation of the 2014 budget and will determine what we as a parish can afford to undertake.  Your pledge will help make possible the mission and ministries of St. Peter’s.  Thank you for your generosity.
Nursery Attendant Hired

Good news for families with small children:  Rebecca Morrell has been hired as the Sunday Nursery Attendant and will be in the church nursery every Sunday from 8:45am to 10:15am for those who attend the 9:00am Sunday worship service.  Rebecca’s first Sunday was last Sunday.  She is a student at Salisbury University majoring in early childhood development and has experience supervising children and working in church nursery environments.
Opportunity for service:  In the event that Rebecca would be unable to be in the nursery due to sickness, we are seeking volunteers who could provide back up care for the nursery in an emergency.  If you would be willing to be on a call list for this, please let Megan Fenoglietto or Father David know.

The Maryland State Boychoir

The Maryland State Boychoir will be in Concert Friday, November 8, 2013, 7:30 PM, in the church. 
One of the state’s popular “Official Goodwill Ambassadors,” they have sung at the White House, the Kennedy Center, the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and St. Patrick’s and Holy Trinity cathedrals in New York. They have toured throughout North America and Europe performing at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Ireland, Coventry Cathedral in England and St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican, among many others in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, France and the UK. The MSB was featured on NBC’s “Homicide: Life on the Street,” National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” and Maryland Public Television.  Music from their six CDs has been broadcasted nationally. Its concert repertoire has ranged from Gregorian chant and Renaissance polyphony, to classical including Handel and Mozart, to American and contemporary with world music, gospel and pop favorites.
Admission is free; and a freewill offering will be taken to defer costs.  Please come, and invite family, friends, neighbors and anyone who enjoys excellent choral programs      

Growing a Church/Community Choral Program for Kids Workshop Saturday, November 9, 2013, 9:30 AM

The Boychoir Artistic Director, Stephen Holmes, will present a Saturday morning discussion, Growing a Church/Community Choral Program for Kids (not just boys), at 9:30 AM in the church. It is targeted to participants of all ages who would like to see boys and girls of the greater Salisbury community have similar opportunity to learn and make beautiful music. Admission is free, and open to persons all ages who have interest and wish to learn more about strategies to implement such a vision in their realms of influence, possibly for us at St. Peter’s. Catch the vision!

Opportunity for serviceHost families are still needed to house the boys of the Maryland State Boychoir--usually one or two in a  home. Please contact Bruce regarding your willingness to minister as a host.


Pastoral News

A Memorial Service for Stanley Kolb is scheduled for Tuesday, November 12 at at 2pm in the church. 

Parish Prayer List
Please remember to pray for:

Terry Allen, Liz Bellavance, Ellen and Charles Bloodsworth, Carolyn Bradshaw,  Debra Chambers, Mary Lee Harris, Sam Jenkins,
Brodie Andrew Mejias, Damion Marlowe-Rogers, Ruth Anne Oartel, Andy Phillips, Frank Robinson, Margaret Staples, Betty Lou Steffens, Delma Tingle, 
Diana Waesche, Elsie Wood. 


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Ministers for  Sunday, November 3rd Services

Vestry Person on Duty:  Sean Fahey
Altar Guild: Ann Chaffinch

Holy Eucharist 7:45am
Eucharistic Minister: John Phillips
Ushers: Buddy Venables and Phil Bradshaw
Coffee Hour Host: Volunteer Needed

Holy Eucharist 9am 
Eucharistic Minister: Amanda Jenkins
Torch Bearers: Amelia Hall & Robyn Jones
Crucifer: Breanne Hall
Acolyte: Emily Della Ratta
Lector: Amanda Jenkins
Ushers:  Dane & Gretchen Foust

Holy Eucharist 11am
Eucharistic Minister:  Julie Milliken
Crucifer / Acolyte: Brynn Roman
Lector: John Phillips
Ushers:  Susan & Ron Wilkins


October 31
Bell Choir Practice
Parish House Choir Room
Bulletin Folding
Parish Library
Festival Choir Practice
Parish Choir Room

November 1
Parish Dinner
Parish Hall
Holy Baptism &  Bishop Visitation 
 November 3
Holy Eucharist I
Holy Eucharist II

Children's Sunday School
Parish Annex Building
Holy Eucharist II

November 4
Comforters Meeting 
Parish Library

November 6
Men's Bible Study
Parish Library

Holy Eucharist & Healing Service



11/1 Pat Derby 
11/2 Robin Wade 
11/3 Robyn Jones 
11/3 Ann Phillips 
11/7 David Kerrigan 
11/7 Kelsey Beach 
11/7 Khloe Heberle 
11/7 Jason Barthman 
11/9 Peter Bugas 
11/9 Dorothy Williams 
11/11 Hannah Robinson 
11/11 Riley Schoch 
11/11 Jordan Willey 
11/13 Saundra Stapleton 
11/13 Douglas Causey 
11/14 Linda Andrews 
11/15 Sharon Evans 
11/16 Curtis Massey 
11/18 Sarah Hughes-Pike 
11/20 Madison Jesatko 
11/21 Richard Barr 
11/22 Iryna White2 
11/22 Elizabeth Phillips 
11/23 William Sadler 
11/24 Brenner Maull 
11/25 Mrs. Troy Donoway 
11/26 Cuthbert Mandell 


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115 St. Peters Street
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Priest in Charge
The Rev. David Michaud

Music Director -
Bruce Horner

Parish Office Secretary -
Cathy Parsons

Altar Guild Directress -
Ruth Anne Oartel


Senior Warden
Gil Allen

Junior Warden
Mac Peverley

Sean Fahey
443 735-0295

Laura McCarthy

Andy Booth - 2014

John Phillips - 2014
410 749-0488

Tom Robinson - 2014

Mike Bloxham - 2015
410 835-0941

Pete Evans - 2015
410 749-7888

Carolyn Jenkins - 2015

Richard Culver - 2016

Art Johnstone - 2016
443 880-5839

Mary Phillips - 2016
410 548-5937


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