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Father David has accepted the Vestry’s Call to be Our Rector
   Last Wednesday evening the Vestry unanimously called Father David Michaud to be the new Rector of St. Peter’s Church, Salisbury Parish and Father David accepted the call that evening.  On Thursday, Bishop Shand gave his consent, as required by the church canons, and Senior Warden Gil Allen announced the news this past Sunday at all three worship services.
Father David, who had been Priest in Charge since April 29, 2013, now becomes our Rector.  The change in title does not reflect any change in responsibilities since a Priest in Charge has all the authority of a Rector.  The main difference is while a Priest in Charge is placed in a church by the Bishop for a limited period of time, a Rector is the “parish’s priest,” called by the Vestry of the parish to serve permanently in the parish.  Father David will be formally installed as Rector in a “Celebration of New Ministry” service in the church attended by the Bishop at a future date to be announced.


Congratulations, Father David! 
 Stewardship Thanksgiving Sunday is This Sunday

Sunday, October 27 is Stewardship Thanksgiving Sunday when we will bring our filled out pledge cards to church and place them on the altar in grateful thanksgiving for what we have received and to support the work and ministries of St. Peter’s.  This is a critical time in the life of St. Peter’s -- your pledge will make a difference in our future: the church’s budget and ministries are dependent upon what is pledged for 2014.  Please prayerfully consider increasing your commitment of support to your church so we can have the resources to grow and serve more of God’s people. Thank you for your generosity.  NOTE:  Additional pledge cards will be available Sunday, or go to the Stewardship page on the parish website:
Here’s a breakdown of 2013’s pledges by weekly giving.  Imagine what we could do at St. Peter’s with an upward shift of giving.  Where are you now? Where could you be?

2013 Weekly Pledge Amt. Households Pledging
at that level
$150.01 TO $170.00 1
$140.01 TO $150.00 2
$120.01 TO $140.00 2
$100.01 TO $120.00 2
$80.01 TO $100.00 4
$60.01 TO $80.00 6
$40.01 TO $60.00 10
$20.01 TO $40.00 13
$0.01 TO $20.00 36

Do you need help with yard work or minor repairs?
The EYC Youth group as one of its service projects will be putting together some work groups in November to help elderly parishioners or those in need of assistance to rake leaves or assist in some minor repairs.  If you are in need or know someone in our parish who could use some help from our young people, please let the Parish office (410-742-5118) know this week or contact Father David, Mary Phillips or Karen Shields. 

Parish Dinner & Bishop Visit Fri, Nov. 1
Friday, November 1, is the Feast of All Saints, one of the six principal feasts of the church year, and we are honored this year to welcome the Bishop of Easton, the Rt. Rev. James “Bud” Shand, to celebrate Holy Eucharist on this feast day at 7pm in St. Peter’s Church.  A Parish Dinner will precede the service at 5:30pm in the Parish Hall and you are invited!  Please keep our baptismal candidates Oakley Power and Thomas Tindell in your prayers – they will be baptized by Bishop Shand during the service as the church’s newest saints.  Oakley is the son of new parishioners Melodi and Ryan Power; Thomas is the son of parishioner Alexis Turcol.
A reminder that forms to remember loved ones at the altar on All Saints Day need to be returned this week to the Parish Office.

EYC Halloween and Pumpkin Carving Get together Sunday at 6pm

EYC Youth in middle and high school are invited to come together this Sunday at 6pm for some Halloween fun as we carve pumpkins, enjoy food and drink and have fun in the Catacombs (Parish Annex Basement). Some say the Catacombs  may  be haunted, so Father David will be coming by to bless the catacombs and pray out any evil spirits.  Come hang out from 6pm to 8pm.
Organ Dedicated and Celebrated with Joyful Concert

St. Peter’s Church was filled with people this past Friday evening as Father David formally dedicated our new organ, and attendees were not disappointed when nationally renowned organist John Walker played a concert of varied and challenging organ pieces that showcased our organ.  Many thanks to Bruce Horner for arranging the concert, the Fellowship and Hospitality Committee for logistics and a nice reception for Dr. Walker, Sean Fahey for setting up the closed circuit TV of Dr. Walker at the console, and Richard Culver for publicity.
Host Families needed for Boys Choir Concert November 8

Host families are needed to give members of the Maryland State Boys Choir a place to stay Friday night, November 8.  If you can make your home available to host one or more members of the choir, please contact Bruce Horner.

Pastoral News
Parishioner Mimi Corriston passed away on Friday, October 18.  She will be remembered at a Memorial Service at Harbor Pointe Assisted Living Facility on Sat. Nov. 2 at 2pm.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
Parishioners Katy and Rich Stover report the birth on Oct. 12 of their grandson Brodie Andrew Mejias.  They write that “the DNA testing after his birth did show positive for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and he has been admitted to University of VA NICU.  Needless to say, we are overwhelmed with this news.  We know that Brodie is PERFECT in God’s eyes and that he has sent Brodie to the perfect family who will love and protect him all his life.”  Please keep Brodie and his family in your prayers.

Parish Prayer List
Please remember to pray for:

Terry Allen, Liz Bellavance, Ellen and Charles Bloodsworth, Carolyn Bradshaw,  Debra Chambers, The Family of Mimi Corriston, Mary Lee Harris, Sam Jenkins,
Brodie Andrew Mejias, Damion Marlowe-Rogers, Ruth Anne Oartel, Andy Phillips, Frank Robinson, Margaret Staples, Betty Lou Steffens, Delma Tingle, 
Diana Waesche, Elsie Wood. 


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Ministers for  Sunday, October 27th Services

Vestry Person on Duty:  Mac Peverly
Altar Guild: Betty Lou Davis, Kathy Fahey, Linda Smith

Holy Eucharist 7:45am
Eucharistic Minister: Laura McCarthy
Ushers: Buddy Venables and Phil Bradshaw
Coffee Hour Host: Mac & Lynne Peverly

Holy Eucharist 9am 
Eucharistic Minister: Art Johnstone
Torch Bearers: Paige & Zachary Robinson
Crucifer: William Burdett
Acolyte: Emily Della Ratta
Lector: William Burdett
Ushers:  Tom Robinson & Carolyn Jenkins

Holy Eucharist 11am
Eucharistic Minister:  Linda Smith
Crucifer / Acolyte: Anna Shields
Lector: Julie Milliken
Ushers:  Anne Phillips & Richard Culver


October 24
Bell Choir Practice
Parish House Choir Room
Holy Eucharist I
Holy Eucharist II

Children's Sunday School
Parish Annex Building

Festival Choir Practice
Holy Eucharist II
EYC Halloween Fun

October 28
Comforters Meeting 
Parish Library

October 30
Men's Bible Study
Parish Library

Holy Eucharist & Healing Service



10/1 John Atkins
10/2 Sophia Price
  Lori Roman
  Emily Laustsen
  Helen Brautnick
10/5 Elizabeth Foxwell
  Donald Davis
10/6 Leah Van Gelder
10/9 Danny Fitzmaurice
10/10 Alexandra Etling
10/11 William L. Lord
  Ann Allen
10/12 Rick Fahey
  James Hofmeister
10/14 Vanessa Collins
  Tommy Palmer
10/15 Dwight Taylor
  Josh Robinson
10/17 Sue Snavely
  David Johnson
  Madison Johnson
10/20 Rex Gravenor
10/21 Carolyn Jenkins
  Darby Gore
10/22 Emilie Wood Robinson
10/23 Bobbie Cragg
10/24 Brenda Fincher
  Kim Beach
  Milton Jones
10/25 Howard Adams
  Rebecca Jane Mandell
10/26 Mac Ritch
10/27 Barbara Bedard
  Louisa Sevigny
10/28 Kemper Glassman
10/29 Sandra Atkins
  Anna Malone
10/30 Emily Shade
  Jennifer Robinson
10/31 Justin Shields
  Alexandra Collins

St. Peter's Church
115 St. Peters Street
Salisbury, MD  21804

(410) 742-5118

Priest in Charge
The Rev. David Michaud

Music Director -
Bruce Horner

Parish Office Secretary -
Cathy Parsons

Altar Guild Directress -
Ruth Anne Oartel


Senior Warden
Gil Allen

Junior Warden
Mac Peverley

Sean Fahey
443 735-0295

Laura McCarthy

Andy Booth - 2014

John Phillips - 2014
410 749-0488

Tom Robinson - 2014

Mike Bloxham - 2015
410 835-0941

Pete Evans - 2015
410 749-7888

Carolyn Jenkins - 2015

Richard Culver - 2016

Art Johnstone - 2016
443 880-5839

Mary Phillips - 2016
410 548-5937


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