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Organ Dedication Concert This Friday!

We will be celebrating the fruits of our labors as a parish on Friday:  After much hard work and fundraising for the purchase and installation of our new organ, it will be dedicated and then celebrated with an excellent concert by nationally renowned organist John Walker this Friday, October 18 at 7pm in the church.  Plan to attend and invite friends and family and anyone who has an interest in organ music to come as well.  Doors open at 6pm – arrive early for a good seat.  We also are arranging for a camera at the organ console and TV screen so you can see John Walker as he plays St. Peter’s organ.  For a list of the music that John Walker will be playing go to

Stewardship: We are blessed!

How have you been blessed by God in your life?  What will you give back in joy to God and God’s church?   
This week you should be receiving in your mail a letter from Senior Warden Gil Allen along with a Pledge Card asking you to prayerfully consider making a generous pledge of support to St. Peter’s in 2014.  Already we are seeing remarkable things happen at St. Peter’s.  Imagine what more we can be doing with new and increased pledges of support!  Will you pledge your support to your church? 
Sunday, October 27 is Stewardship Thanksgiving Sunday  when we will bring our filled out pledge cards to church and place them on the altar in grateful thanksgiving for what we have received and to support the work and ministries of St. Peter’s.  In the days leading up to that day, please pray and meditate on what you have been given by God and what you can gratefully give back as a pledge of support.  Thank you for your generosity and support of your church.
For further information and to read more about stewardship, go to the Stewardship Page on the parish website:


All Parish Clean Up Day Thank You!

Thanks to all 20 of you that came and helped with OUR Fall cleanup Day.  It was immensely successful.  For example, every single kneeler was removed from the pews and was vacuumed clean.  It may sound simple, but a crew of 10 people accomplished this in about 4 hours.  We also changed numerous light bulbs along with a dump run to rid old furniture that had outlived its usefulness.  Father David’s office received a major redecorating with only his desk and computer not being relocated!!  The Parlor received a cleaning and straightening room.  We have installed new lighting and new outlets for coffee on the end wall.   Let us not forget, our kitchen refrigerator looks brand new inside and out!!  Thanks,  your efforts are very much appreciated!! 


Remembering Loved Ones on All Saints Day
St. Peter's will remember at the altar the names of loved ones who have gone before us at the All Saints Day Holy Eucharist on Friday, November 1, at 7pm, the Rt. Rev. James "Bud" Shand, Bishop of Easton, presiding.  If you would like the names of your loved ones remembered, fill out and turn in the All Saints Day In Memoriam  Form available this Sunday at all worship services.

Opportunity for Service:  Altar Linens
The Altar Guild is seeking someone who would be willing to take on the task of laundering and folding the altar linen each week for our worship services.  If you are one of those individuals who enjoys washing and ironing, perhaps you may be called to this ministry.  Hours are flexible, training will be provided, and a commitment is needed. Consider responding to this opportunity to serve your church.  Does not have to be one person – two or more could share this ministry.  For more information or to express your interest, contact Ruth Anne Oartel, or the Parish Office.

Host Families needed for Boys Choir Concert November 8

Host families are needed to give members of the Maryland State Boys Choir a place to stay Friday night, November 8.  If you can make your home available to host one or more members of the choir, please contact Bruce Horner.

Parish Prayer List
Please remember to pray for:

Terry Allen, Ellen and Charles Bloodsworth, Carolyn Bradshaw,  Debra Chambers, Mimi Corriston, Mary Lee Harris, Sam Jenkins, Damion Marlowe-Rogers, Ruth Anne Oartel, Andy Phillips, Frank Robinson, Margaret Staples, Betty Lou Steffens, Delma Tingle, Jim Welsh, Diana Waesche, Elsie Wood. 


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Ministers for  Sunday, October 20th Services

Vestry Person on Duty:  Gil Allen
Altar Guild: Doris Hoffman, Betty Evans & Ruth Anne Oartel

Holy Eucharist 7:45am
Eucharistic Minister: John Phillips
Ushers: Buddy Venables and Phil Bradshaw
Coffee Hour Host: The Van Gelder Family

Holy Eucharist 9am 
Eucharistic Minister: Amanda Jenkins
Torch Bearers: Colin & Jordan Willey
Crucifer: Zachary Bugas
Acolyte: Andrew Bugas
Lector: Phil Insley
Ushers:  Bob Souza & Carolyn Jenkins

Holy Eucharist 11am
Eucharistic Minister:  Julie Milliken
Crucifer / Acolyte: Emily Della Ratta
Lector: Richard Culver
Ushers:  Ann Kelly & Gil Allen


October 17
Bell Choir Practice
Parish House Choir Room

October 18
Third Friday
Downtown Plaza

Organ Dedication & Concert

October 20
Holy Eucharist I
Holy Eucharist II
Holy Eucharist II

October 21
Comforters Meeting 
Parish Library

October 22
Joseph House Kitchen
Parish Kitchen

Outreach Committee Meeting
Annex Conference Room

October 23
Men's Bible Study
Parish Library

Holy Eucharist & Healing Service



10/1 John Atkins
10/2 Sophia Price
  Lori Roman
  Emily Laustsen
  Helen Brautnick
10/5 Elizabeth Foxwell
  Donald Davis
10/6 Leah Van Gelder
10/9 Danny Fitzmaurice
10/10 Alexandra Etling
10/11 William L. Lord
  Ann Allen
10/12 Rick Fahey
  James Hofmeister
10/14 Vanessa Collins
  Tommy Palmer
10/15 Dwight Taylor
  Josh Robinson
10/17 Sue Snavely
  David Johnson
  Madison Johnson
10/20 Rex Gravenor
10/21 Carolyn Jenkins
  Darby Gore
10/22 Emilie Wood Robinson
10/23 Bobbie Cragg
10/24 Brenda Fincher
  Kim Beach
  Milton Jones
10/25 Howard Adams
  Rebecca Jane Mandell
10/26 Mac Ritch
10/27 Barbara Bedard
  Louisa Sevigny
10/28 Kemper Glassman
10/29 Sandra Atkins
  Anna Malone
10/30 Emily Shade
  Jennifer Robinson
10/31 Justin Shields
  Alexandra Collins

St. Peter's Church
115 St. Peters Street
Salisbury, MD  21804

(410) 742-5118

Priest in Charge
The Rev. David Michaud

Music Director -
Bruce Horner

Parish Office -

Altar Guild Directress -
Marji Jones

Altar Guild Directress -
Ruth Anne Oartel


Senior Warden
Gil Allen

Junior Warden
Mac Peverley

Sean Fahey
443 735-0295

Laura McCarthy

Andy Booth - 2014

John Phillips - 2014
410 749-0488

Tom Robinson - 2014

Mike Bloxham - 2015
410 835-0941

Pete Evans - 2015
410 749-7888

Carolyn Jenkins - 2015

Richard Culver - 2016

Art Johnstone - 2016
443 880-5839

Mary Phillips - 2016
410 548-5937


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