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Feast of Christ the King
This Sunday is the last Sunday after Pentecost, also referred to as the Feast of Christ the King, which begins the last week of the Church Year.  Sunday, Dec. 1 begins the church’s new year in the Season of Advent.  This Sunday we will be celebrating the Kingship of our Lord and his reign over heaven and earth.  We are reminded of this truth at St. Peter’s every time we look at our Rose Window (the circular window in the back wall of our church) and see our Lord seated on his throne in heaven. 
Bishop Shand Announces his Resignation

The Rt. Rev. James “Bud” Shand, announced yesterday that he is resigning as Bishop of Easton, effective July 2014.  He is also calling on the Diocese to not immediately move toward electing his replacement, but to consider calling a Provisional Bishop for a period of one to two years as the Diocese considers  its future and possibly different models of an episcopate.  Further conversations on this are planned during the Diocesan Convention February 21 and 22.
The Bishop’s resignation letter may be found on the Diocesan website at:
This Sunday is Children’s Home Foundation Sunday

All around the Diocese parishes will be observing Children’s Home Foundation Sunday on November 24.  The Children’s Home Foundation (CHF) is an exciting program in our Diocese which offers scholarships and camperships to students here on the Eastern Shore.  It is a powerful and effective Episcopal outreach program which changes lives.  This Sunday morning at St. Peter’s we will hear a few words from a person who has benefitted from a CHF scholarship. 
One of the main sources of CHF funding is the annual appeal for gifts. Consider making a thanksgiving gift to the work of the Foundation.  CHF Donation envelopes will be provided  this Sunday.  Thank you for your generosity.  For more information, contact CHF board members and parishioners Lynne Peverley or Ann Allen.
Children’s Advent Calendar Making this Sunday

In place of Sunday School this Sunday, the children of the parish will be making Advent calendars to help them observe Advent and count down the days to the Christmas Feast.  This calendar making will take place in the Parish Hall between the 9am and 11am services.  Parents and other family members are invited and encouraged to help out.
Thanksgiving Eucharist on November 28

There will be a service of Holy Eucharist on Thanksgiving morning, November 28 at 10:00am.
Save the date:  Jan 12 Celebration of New Ministry for Father David
Father David Michaud will be formally installed as the Rector of St. Peter’s Church, Salisbury Parish on Sunday,  January 12 at 4:00pm at St. Peter’s Church in a Celebration of New Ministry service presided by the Rt. Rev. James Shand, Bishop of Easton.  All parishioners are encouraged to participate in this celebration.  Mark your calendars!
2014 Church Kalendars on Sale

Speaking of marking calendars… a certain number of 2014 Church Kalendars from the Diocese are now here and are available for $2.50 a piece.  You can purchase yours at coffee hour this Sunday, or by visiting the Parish Office during the week.

Parish Prayer List
Please remember to pray for:

Rosalind Abbott, Liz Bellavance, Ellen and Charles Bloodsworth, Carolyn Bowden, Carolyn Bradshaw,  Debra Chambers, Mary Lee Harris, Keller Hoch, Sam Jenkins, Ken Lowe, Brodie Andrew Mejias, Damion Marlowe-Rogers, Ruth Anne Oartel, Sal Petricone, Andy Phillips, Frank Robinson, Margaret Staples, Betty Lou Steffens, Jenny Stitt. Delma Tingle, Diana Waesche, Elsie Wood. 


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Ministers for  Sunday, November 24th Services

Vestry Person on Duty:  Art Johnstone
Altar Guild: Ruth Anne Oartel, Liz Gass, Laura McCarthy

Holy Eucharist 7:45am
Eucharistic Minister: Laura McCarthy
Ushers: Buddy Venables and Phil Bradshaw
Coffee Hour Host: Betty Wootten

Holy Eucharist 9AM 
Eucharistic Minister: Art Johnstone
Torch Bearers: Paige & Zachary Robinson
Crucifer: Madison Jesatko
Acolyte: Lydia Phillips
Lector: Judy Wyatt
Ushers:  Carolyn & Amanda Jenkins
Coffee Hour Host:  NO VOLUNTEER

Holy Eucharist 11AM
Eucharistic Minister:  Julie Milliken
Crucifer / Acolyte: Anna Shields
Lector: Julie Milliken
Ushers:  Susan & Ron Wilkins


November 21
Bell Choir Practice
Parish House Choir Room
Bulletin Folding
Parish Library

 November 24
Holy Eucharist I
Holy Eucharist II

Family Advent Calendar Project
Parish Hall
Holy Eucharist II

November 25
Comforters Meeting 
Parish Library

November 26

Joseph House Kitchen
Parish Kitchen
Joseph House Lunch
The Joseph House

November 27
Men's Bible Study
Parish Library
Holy Eucharist & Healing Service
Peter's Voice Practice



 1    Pat Derby
 2    Robin Wade
 3    Robyn Jones 
       Ann Phillips
 7    David Kerrigan  
       Kelsey Beach  
       Jason Barthman  
       Khloe Heberle
 9    Peter Bugas  
       Dorothy Williams
11   Jordan Willey  
       Riley Schoch 
       Hannah Robinson
13   Saundra Stapleton  
       Douglas Causey
14   Linda Andrews
15   Sharon Evans
16   Curtis Massey
18   Sarah Hughes-Pike
20   Madison Jesatko
21   Richard Barr
22   Elizabeth Phillips
24   Brenner Maull
27   Ryan Thiele  
       Elizabeth Nichols  
       Christian Phillips 
       Natalie Kilmer

St. Peter's Church
115 St. Peters Street
Salisbury, MD  21804

(410) 742-5118

Priest in Charge
The Rev. David Michaud

Music Director -
Bruce Horner

Parish Office Secretary -
Cathy Parsons

Altar Guild Directress -
Ruth Anne Oartel


Senior Warden
Gil Allen

Junior Warden
Mac Peverley

Sean Fahey
443 735-0295

Laura McCarthy

Andy Booth - 2014

John Phillips - 2014
410 749-0488

Tom Robinson - 2014

Mike Bloxham - 2015
410 835-0941

Pete Evans - 2015
410 749-7888

Carolyn Jenkins - 2015

Richard Culver - 2016

Art Johnstone - 2016
443 880-5839

Mary Phillips - 2016
410 548-5937


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