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Dispatch from Convention (June 30, 2015—Salt Lake City)

As a member of the House of Deputies, we are now entering our seventh legislative day of General Convention, and have only worked through a quarter of the resolutions brought before convention.  Much of the first few days work has been focused in legislative committees, where hearings have been held on resolutions before the General Convention, and then committees have been busy writing up reports to present to the assemblies of Bishops and Deputies.

The highlight of General Convention so far has been the election this past Saturday of the Diocese of North Carolina’s Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, as the next Presiding Bishop.  After a morning Eucharist the bishops left the Convention Center on buses to go to the Diocese of Utah’s Cathedral a few blocks away where they met for the election.  Meanwhile, in the House of Deputies where I was, we were working through some resolutions when just before our break at 1:15pm, it was announced that the Bishops had made a selection, and so the House of Deputies refused to go into recess, wanting to hear the results of the election.

Word of the results was delivered to the Committee for the Confirmation of the Presiding Bishop  a have hour later.  They then announced that Bishop Curry was elected by the Bishops on the first ballot in an overwhelming majority.  The House of Deputies confirmed his election, and then waited another half hour until he and his family were escorted into the House of Deputies by the current Presiding Bishop Katherine.  He received a standing ovation from those assembled.

I had a unique perspective of all of this from my seat on the platform, standing just a few feet away from Bishop Curry as he expressed his appreciation and his commitment to his new position.  I am looking forward to his sermon during morning Holy Eucharist on the last day of convention, this Friday.  I have heard him preach before and he is an electrifying orator.  I hope to convey his message to you once I return to Salisbury this weekend.

The House of Bishops has been in discussion about the marriage canons, and same sex marriages, and possible changes to church law.  Whatever they pass will have to come over to the House of Deputies for our concurrence (or not).  Today the House of Deputies has set aside time this afternoon to discuss resolutions to change the structure of the Episcopal Church.  The resolutions have not yet been revealed to us Deputies, but we’ll see them sometime today.  Should be a very interesting – and important – discussion.

Other resolutions that have passed out of the House of Deputies include a resolution for sympathy for those killed in the Charleston Church shooting, a resolution calling for the removal of the Confederate battle flag, a resolution expanding our calendar of feast days in a new publication called “A Great Cloud of Witnesses,” and authorization to devote resources to online Evangelism.

As Assistant Secretary for Digital Systems, I have been very pleased at the performance of the legislative processing computer systems.  Three years ago after the last General Convention I proposed that we replace the large paper binders filled with resolutions and calendars with iPads containing a Virtual Binder.  At this convention every Deputy and Bishop was given an iPad as their Virtual Binder, and they have been warmly received.  More information than ever is now at their fingertips.

The last days of Convention are typically those when the most controversial resolutions come up for debate, so there will be some very interesting days ahead.

Tonight I will be attending the General Theological Seminary’s  dinner.  It’s customary for alumni from seminaries to attend their respective seminary’s  dinners  on this evening and most seminaries are hosting a dinner for alums.  After a tumultuous year at General Seminary, I am interested in what the Dean and fellow alums will have to say.

I have now been in Salt Lake City for 11 days.  It has been very hot and very dry, and I am missing the Eastern Shore.  Looking forward to being with you  again on Sunday.

Yours in Christ,

Father David

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