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Public Service of Healing part of this Sunday’s Worship
This Sunday as part of our Sunday worship services we will have a Public Service of Healing, in which prayers will be offered for those in need of healing, and there will be an opportunity to receive the sacrament of anointing and laying on of hands.  You are encouraged to call to mind this week those who are in need of healing and say their names at the appropriate time in the service during the Litany of Healing.  Also this week consider the hurts you have – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – that you may want to raise up for sacramental healing on Sunday.
Savior of the world, by your cross and precious blood you have redeemed us; save us, and help us, we humbly beseech you, O Lord.
Diocese’s Southern Convocation Meets at St. Peter’s on Tuesday

St. Peter’s will be hosting the pre-convention meeting of the Diocese’s Southern Convocation in the Parish Hall on Tuesday, January 28 at 7pm.  Delegates and clergy from the southern part of the Diocese will be coming together to review the 2014 Diocesan Budget and resolutions coming before the Diocesan Convention on Feb 21-22.  Parishioners are welcomed to come and sit in on the meeting.  Bishop Shand and members of Diocesan staff will be in attendance.
Adult Forum Concludes this Sunday:  Re-imagining the Episcopal Church & the Diocese
This Sunday will conclude the three part Adult Forum Series on “Re-imagining our Diocese and the Episcopal Church,” exploring changes on the horizon for our Diocese and the Episcopal Church.  The series is held 10:15am -10:50am.  Be informed about your church’s future.  Learn how things operate now, and what changes to structures and policies could mean for St. Peter’s and for Episcopalians in general.  This Sunday the Adult Forum will be held in the Parish House Library – the room opposite the Parlor. 
This Sunday’s topic: What does the resignation of Bishop Shand mean for the future of the Diocese of Easton? Issues the Diocese will confront at its next Convention.  How the decisions of General Convention to re-imagine the church could play out in our Diocese.  Reaction and Discussion.  What role St. Peters’ can play in the future of the Diocese? Go to the website for this Sunday’s class outline:

Men’s Emergency Shelter continues this week
One of St. Peter’s primary outreach ministries, hosting the Community Emergency Shelter Program (CESP) in St. Peter’s Parish Hall, is currently underway through  January 24.  We are providing a hot dinner, a warm, safe place to stay overnight and breakfast and a bag lunch at St. Peter’s for homeless men in our community during this week.  Because of today’s sub-freezing temperatures we are keeping the shelter open through the day. More than twenty men are seeking shelter.  Thank you to those who are volunteering.  Please keep these men and those who are serving them in your prayers.


Pastoral News

The Memorial Service for Charles Bloodsworth, spouse of parishioner Ellen Bloodsworth, will be held on Saturday, January 25 at 1pm in Bethesda United Methodist Church in Salisbury.  Please keep Ellen and the family in your prayers during this difficult time. 
Eternal rest grant to him, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon him.

Parish Prayer List
Please remember to pray for:

Rosalind Abbott, Liz Bellavance, Ellen Bloodsworth, Carolyn Bowden, Carolyn Bradshaw,  Debra Chambers, Bob Clark, Mary Lee Harris, Libby Hillenbrand, Keller Hoch, Sam Jenkins, Charles Allan Knapp, Ken Lowe, Brodie Andrew Mejias, Edward Mitchell, Damion Marlowe-Rogers, Ruth Anne Oartel, Sal Petricone, Andy Phillips, John Phillips, Frank Robinson, Margaret Staples, Betty Lou Steffens, Delma Tingle, Diana Waesche, Emily Welsh. 


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Ministers for  Sunday,
Jan 26th Services

Vestry Person on Duty:  Sean Faehy
Altar Guild: Ann Chaffinch, Sona Morrison, Katy Stover, Sally Thrash

Holy Eucharist 7:45AM
Eucharistic Minister: John Phillips
Ushers: Buddy Venables and Phil Bradshaw
Coffee Hour Host: Betsy Hanulak & Deb Souza

Holy Eucharist 9AM 
Eucharistic Minister: Art Johnstone
Torch Bearers:  Charlie & Will Potterton
Crucifer:  Will Burdett
Acolyte: Lydia Phillips
Lector: Phil Insley
Ushers:  Tom Robinson & Carolyn Jenkins
Coffee Hour Host: Betsy Hanulak & Deb Souza

Holy Eucharist 11AM
Eucharistic Minister:  Laura McCarthy
Crucifer / Acolyte: Andrew Bugas
Lector: Julie Milliken
Ushers: Ann Phillips & Richard Culver


January 23

Bell Choir Rehearsal
Parish House Choir Room

Bulletin Folding
Parish Library

January 26
Holy Eucharist I

Holy Eucharist II

Children's Sunday School
Parish Annex

Adult Forum Study Series
Parish Library

Holy Eucharist II

Pastoral Care Meeting 
Parish Library

January 27
Comforters Meeting
Parish Library

Eucharistic Minister Training

January 28
Joseph House Kitchen
Parish Kitchen

Joseph House Luncheon

Joseph House

Southern Convocation Meeting (Pre-Diocesan Convention)
Parish Hall

January 29

7 AM
Men's Bible Study
Parish Library

Holy Eucharist




1/1 Matilda Madden
1/4 Michael Bloxham
1/5 Brooke Turcol
1/6 Carole Dipietro
1/7 Sean Fahey
1/8 Susanna Kiefer
1/8 Karen Shields
1/8 Nancy Reddish
1/8 Mary Grauer
1/11 Pete Palmer
1/12 Jay Fenoglietto
1/12 Jane Moore
1/12 Nicholas Salvas
1/20 Sophia Fenoglietto
1/20 Megan Fenoglietto
1/21 Julia Ritch
1/24 Felicity Christensen
1/24 Tamara Todd
1/25 William Burdett
1/30 Lisa Schoch

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Parish Office Secretary -
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Altar Guild Directress -
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Senior Warden
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Junior Warden
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Sean Fahey
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Laura McCarthy

Andy Booth - 2014

John Phillips - 2014
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Tom Robinson - 2014

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