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Today is the Feast of St. Matthias – the one apostle that was chosen not by Jesus, but by Jesus’ followers, the church.  After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, but before Pentecost, St. Luke writes in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 1:15-26) that there were only 11 apostles, since Judas had committed suicide.  The remaining apostles felt that there needed to be a replacement, and there were certain qualifications:  the person needed to have been a disciple of Jesus, someone who had been around Jesus throughout his earthly ministry, and someone who witnessed him after our Lord’s resurrection.  Two men qualified:  Matthias and Justus called Barsabbas. All the believers prayed to God to show them who God had chosen; they cast lots and the lot fell on Matthias, and he became the 12th apostle.
Similarly today there continue to be times when there is a vacancy in a church leadership position, and following the practice of the early church a call is put out for people who have gifts and qualifications to be considered.  And through prayer and discernment God provides an answer.  In the Diocese of Easton, we are going through the process of finding and discerning who our next bishop will be.  In our own parish we have come through a successful period of finding music ministry leaders to continue our music program after the sudden death of Bruce Horner, our previous music director.
On the feast day of St. Matthias, may we praise God for continuing to raise up good people to lead and inspire us in the church.


Effective March 3, the following positions music positions have been filled:

Robert Young is St. Peter’s new Organist and Adult Choir Director.  Robert previously had been St. Peter’s Interim Music Director after the untimely death of our Music Director, Bruce Horner.  Robert is one of the Eastern Shore’s most accomplished and skilled organists and choir directors.  He most recently retired at the end of 2015 as the organist and director of music at Asbury U.M.C. in Salisbury.  Beginning March 3, he will play the organ at the 9am and 11am Sunday Services and all special services and will direct the Adult Choir at the 11am service and certain special services.  We are excited to have Robert as a member of St. Peter’s family and as our new organist and choir director.

Brittany Spicer is St. Peter’s new Chief Music Ministries Director and the Director of the Contemporary Worship Band.  The band provides music at the 9am service on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of the month. Brittany is a member of St. Peter’s Church and has grown up in the parish.  She majored in music and has a background in music and organizational management.  For more than a year, she has been the vocalist in the contemporary worship band and an occasional soloist as well.  Years ago she was also a member of Peter’s Voice.  As Chief Music Ministries Director, Brittany will be responsible for coordinating the work of St. Peter’s Music Ministries Directors Team, providing oversight and administrative support for our music programs.  What a blessing to have Brittany, with her talent and music background and her history as a longtime member of St. Peter’s, to lead our music program.

Megan Fenoglietto is St. Peter’s new Hand Bell Choir Director.  Megan is a member of St. Peter’s and has been ringing with St. Peter’s Hand Bell Choir for six years.  She is one of the choir’s most accomplished members.  She is also a full time teacher with an M.S. in Education, and brings that talent to help those new to hand bells to learn this instrument. She is dedicated to continuing to grow the hand bell choir and to have them perform monthly at worship.  Megan since late December has been the interim director, and now becomes the permanent hand bell choir director.  We are thrilled that she is willing to share her knowledge and her skills as our new hand bell choir director.
“I am very pleased at how this music ministries team has come about,” said Father David Michaud.  “We are moving from a one person music director model, to a music ministries team approach, where each director who is passionate about their area of music works collaboratively with their colleagues with the promise of providing outstanding music for our worship and for other opportunities.  Many thanks to everyone who has helped in bringing this about, and especially to the Holy Spirit for working in this parish a new and exciting path for music ministries.”

The members of the music ministries team are:  Brittany Spicer, Contemporary Worship Band Director and Chief Music Ministries Director; Calvin Collins, Children’s Music Director; Rick Fahey, Peter’s Voice; Megan Fenoglietto, Hand Bell Choir Director; and Robert Young, Organist and Choir Director.


The Nominating Committee is calling for names of parishioners interested in filling four three-year terms as Vestry members for St. Peter’s Church, and three parishioners to serve as delegates and three to serve as alternates to the 2017 Diocesan Convention. 

The Vestry of a parish has three primary responsibilities: taking care of parish finances, taking care of parish buildings, and choosing and approving individuals for leadership positions. The Vestry represents the parish and is led by the Rector.  St. Peter’s Vestry sets goals and objectives for furthering the parish’s mission and works with committee and parishioners to implement these goals and objectives.  The Vestry meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month, has a daylong retreat on a Saturday in late spring, and its members take turns on Sundays as the Sunday Vestryperson and each member also acts as a liaison for a parish committee. 
Delegates and Alternates represent St. Peter’s along with the Rector at the Diocese of Easton’s annual convention which is typically held on the last Friday and Saturday of February in Cambridge.  Besides attending the convention, delegates and alternates also attend two evening pre-convention Southern Convocation meetings.
Elections for the vestry, delegate and alternate positions will occur at the parish’s Annual Meeting, to be held on Sunday, April 10, at 9:30am in the Parish Hall. These are important and vital positions in the life of the parish.  Could you be called to serve your parish in one of these positions?   Those interested in being nominated or anyone who would like to nominate a fellow parishioner are asked to contact the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Mary Phillips, at 410-430-4619; email:  Members of the committee are:  Mary Phillips, Chair; John Phillips, Chip Potterton, Richard Culver and Linda Smith.


Plan to attend and participate in St. Peter’s Lenten observance of the Stations of the Cross.  In this half hour liturgy members of the congregation will walk the Way of the Cross, remembering in twelve stations the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  All are invited to participate in this meaningful rite as we witness and travel with our Lord through his passion and death.  Friday, March 4 at 7pm in the church.


Anyone can attend the Diocese of Easton’s annual convention this  Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27 at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge.  In addition to the business meeting, there is also a banquet, workshops, and a number of vendors and exhibitors with materials of interest to Episcopalians.  There is a registration fee to offset site and materials costs.  For more information, go to the Diocese of Easton website:


Ritch Photography has been contracted to undertake a new parish pictorial directory, which should be available this summer.  Pictures will be taken the week of April 10.  Details are still being worked out and more information will be sent to you soon via Peter’s Post and the parish website.
Will you help with St. Peter’s ministry of hospitality by signing up to host a coffee hour?  Volunteers are needed for the next few Sundays.  The responsibilities of a coffee hour host are listed on the inside of the closet door of the supply closet in the parlor.  The sign up board is on the same door.  Thank you!


On Monday  morning, February 22, parishioner Charles “Chuck” Whitmore passed away.  His funeral will be held on Saturday, March 5 at 11am at St. Peter’s Church.  Friends may call on the family an hour before the service in the parlor.  Please keep his spouse Jane and their family in your prayers during this difficult time.

Parish Prayer List
Please remember to pray for:
Lex Abbott, Carol Phillips Ailes, Ellen Bloodsworth, Carolyn Bradshaw, Will Burdett, Jim Cherrix, CarlAnn Cornwell, Jack Cragg, Jean Culver, Roland Dennis, Lisa Dickey, Lucy Graf, Keller Hoch, Doris Hoffman, Rosa Hudson, Sarah Hughes, Sam Jenkins, Kelly Karwacki, Becky Kelley, Frances Kendall, Barbara Knight, Brodie Andrew Mejias, Fred Mertes, Bob Nay, Ruth Anne Oartel, Andy Phillips, Ann Phiilips, Quintin Ramirez, Ruth Richens, Frank Robinson, Damion Marlowe-Rogers, Betty Lou Steffens, Delma Tingle, Christine Travis, Jerry Truitt, Diana Waesche, Tim Willey, Priscilla Wheatley, The Whitmore Family,  Sarah Young. 


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Ministers for Sunday, 
February 28th  Services

Vestry Person on Duty: Amy Maull
Altar Guild: Betty Lou Davis, Kathy Fahey, Julie Milliken, Linda Smith


Holy Eucharist 7:45AM
Eucharistic Minister: Jimmy Hill
Ushers: Buddy Venables and Phil Bradshaw

Coffee Hour Host: Andy & Marilyn Booth

Holy Eucharist 9:00AM - YOUTH SUNDAY
Crucifer: Paige Robinson
Acolyte: Emily Della Ratta

Torch Bearers: Zachary Robinson & Natalie Kilmer
Lector: Laura McCarthy
Eucharistic Minister: Julie Milliken

Ushers: Jay & Megan Fenoglietto
Coffee Hour Host: Andy & Marilyn Booth

Holy Eucharist 11:00AM
Acolyte/ Crucifer: Zachary Bugas
Lector: John Phillips
Eucharistic Minister: Linda Smith
Ushers: Richard Culve
r & Mell Brooks
Coffee Hour Host: Andy & Marilyn Booth


February 25

Evening Prayer

Bell Choir Rehearsal
Parish Music Room

Bulletin Folding
Parish Library

Dance Group
Parish Hall

Adult Choir Rehearsal
Parish Music Room

February 26

Diocesan Convention - Hyatt Regency 

Morning Prayer

February 27  

Diocesan Convention - Hyatt Regency 

Morning Prayer

Women's Bible Study
Parish Library

February 28  

Holy Eucharist I

Holy Eucharist II

Children's Sunday School 
Education Annex

Holy Eucharist I

Education Annex

February 29

Morning Prayer


Comforters Group

Parish Library

March 1  

Evening Prayer 

Adult Education Series/Potluck
Parish Hall

Children's Choir Rehearsal 

Choir Room - 2nd Floor

March 2 

Men's Bible Study
Parish Library

Property Committee Meeting
Parish Library


Holy Eucharist/Public Healing Service 



2/24 Dana Malone
  Stephen Willey
2/25 Aisling Nay
  Ryan Nay
  Pearl Stewart
2/26 Peggy Scheibe
2/28 George Murray
  Jane Whitmore


3/4 Peter Hutchinson
3/6 Morgan Schoch
3/7 Nancy Burdett
  Emily Della Ratta
  Julie Milliken
3/11 Rosann Anderson
  Walter Moore
  Kyle Todd
3/12 Emerson Kirk
3/13 Diane Murrell
3/14 Kristine Turcol
  Rosemary Winchester
3/15 Doug Johnson
3/18 Betsy Hanulak
  Gretchen Nichols
3/19 James Mckinley
3/20 Jane Massey
3/21 Charles Stapleton
3/24 Troy Salvas
3/25 Ernest Nichols
  Anne Potterton
3/26 Alexander Haberstroh
  Abigail Stephens
3/27 Kate Dyer
3/28 Garrett Beauchamp
  Fred Wierman
3/29 Liddell Madden
3/31 Ginny Dorman
  Southey Lord
  Deirdre Nay

St. Peter's Church

115 St. Peters Street
Salisbury, MD  21804
(410) 742-5118

The Rev. David Michaud

Music Director
Robert Young

Youth Intern
Nivek Johnson

Children's Choir Director
Calvin Collins

Parish Office Secretary
Cathy Parsons

Altar Guild Directress
Betsy Hanulak


Senior Warden

Mary Phillips
410 548-5937

Junior Warden
Sharon Clark

Sean Fahey

Carole DiPietro

Richard Culver - 2016

John Phillips - 2016
410 749-0488

Chip Potterton - 2016

Atif Gaddis - 2017

Chris Hall - 2017

Amy Maull - 2017

Linda Abbott - 2018

Linda Hurley - 2018


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