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St. Peter's on Campus

As the new freshman class at Salisbury University moves in today St. Peter's church is among those on campus welcoming them.  Parishioners Elizabeth Phillips (a Junior at S.U), Dick VanGelder, Pete Evans, and Father David staffed a table with other vendors and groups, passing  out information, answering questions from students and their parents, and inviting them to take part in worship and the many events scheduled for the fall.

Worship at Historic Green Hill Church this Sunday!
This Sunday we will be joining the other Wicomico Episcopal churches at Green Hill Church for our annual worship at 11am and we will be having a picnic together after the service.  Please wear comfortable attire and bring a side dish, salad or dessert to share for the picnic.  St. Peter’s will provide chicken and cold beverages.
There will be an 8am service as usual at St. Peter’s Church, but there will be no 10am service at St. Peter’s on Sunday.
For more information, go to:

Sign up for a Foyer Group

There has been a good response so far for the fall Foyer Groups, and there is still time for you to sign up. A Foyer Group is like a supper club for church members and is a great way to get to know other members of St. Peter’s in a relaxed setting with a simple meal.  Eight people are assembled into a group (four couples or a combination of couples and singles).  Once a month for four months, a different member of the group hosts a dinner at home for the other members of the group. The host provides a main dish and beverages with the others bringing an appetizer, a salad, a dessert, etc. 

Groups will be contacted in late August with the intention of having a dinner in September, October, November, and December. We hope to continue with new groups in the spring.  Sign up forms will be available in church.  You can also sign up by sending your name(s), telephone number and email address to the Foyer Group Coordinator, Ann Allen, at

Fall Sunday Worship Schedule Announced
After Labor Day we will return to a three service Sunday Schedule.  Beginning on Sunday, September 8, the service start times will be:
7:45am  Said Rite I Holy Eucharist
9:00am  Contemporary Family Rite II Holy Eucharist
10:15am Sunday School (begins Sept. 15)
11:00am  Sung Rite II Holy Eucharist



Parish History Now on Parish Website
Check out the updated History Page of St. Peter’s Parish Website. 
Go to


New Parish Prayer List September 8:  When we return to three services in the fall, we will also have a new Parish Prayer List.  Please let Father David or the Parish Office know if you would like names of individuals you have placed on the prayer list to remain there.  Thank you.

Editor’s note:  Pastoral News is a regular feature of Peter’s Post.  Please pass along this Pastoral News to those who do not have access to the Internet and cannot receive Peter’s Post.
Parish Prayer List
Please remember to pray for:
Julia Ann Ball, Joanne Barthman, Ellen and Charles Bloodsworth. Carolyn Bradshaw, Wanda Bright, Karen Burke, Cheryl Colston, James Cook, Mimi Corriston, McKenna Davies, Joe Dukehart, Tanya Epperson, Jay Fenoglietto, Kirk Morgan Hammock, Mary Lee Harris, Donna Hudson, Sam Jenkins, Andrea Johnson, Charlene Jones, Fr. Todd & Heather & Simon Kissam, Stanley Kolb, Cherie Linko, Damion Marlowe-Rogers, Kathleen McLain, Brooke Mulford, Helen Newhouse, Jean M Oakley, Ruth Anne Oartel, The family of Lay Philips, M. G. Price, Mary Margaret Reimann, Jean Richmond, Shannon Riney, Frank and Emile Robinson, Cheryl Slocum, James H. Sniezck, Margaret Staples, Betty Lou Steffens, Stephen Strott, Delma Tingle, Darlene Threatte, James Threatte, Fr. David Tontonoz, Untkerofler Family, Pete Valentine, Gil & Nancy Vance, Martha VanderPoel,  Jim Welsh, Monica Wheatley, Bud Wiltbank, Elsie Wood, Nancy Wright



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Ministers for  Sunday August 25th Services
Vestry Person on Duty:  Art Johnstone
Altar Guild: Marji Jones, Betsy Hanulak, Deb Souza, Punky Vickery
Coffee Hour Hosts: Art Johnstone

Holy Eucharist 8am
Eucharistic Minister: Laura McCarthy


August 25th
Green Hill Sunday

August 26th
Stewardship Committee


August 27
Joseph House Kitchen

Joesph House Kitchen
Joseph House

August 28th
Men's Bible Study
Healing Eucharist
Peter's Voice
Gull Creek, Berlin

August 29th
Bulletin Folding
5:30 PM

September 8
Registration Celebration
Parish Hall

August Birthdays


2-Aug Phil Bradshaw
  Savannah Anderson
  Angie Beauchamp
4-Aug Benhamin Jennings
5-Aug Lay Phillips
  Kyle Anderson
  Steven Malone
8-Aug Gerald Smith
  William Snavely
  Betty Lou Davis
10-Aug Jean Richmond
  Laura Todd
  Joseph Atkinson
14-Aug Bruce Anderson
15-Aug Chip Potterton
17-Aug Sue Wilkins
18-Aug Amanda Jenkins
19-Aug Victoria Moore
20-Aug Linda Hutchinson
22-Aug Ernie Cornbrooks
23-Aug Alicia Robinson
24-Aug Peggy Allen
  Cody Vojtko
25-Aug Debbie Oakley
27-Aug Robby Causey
  Charles Kerrigan
  Tom Phillips
28-Aug Ann Kelly
  Sam Jenkins
  Laura McCarthy
29-Aug Alexander White
  Pam Wierman
30-Aug Laurie Fincher

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Marji Jones

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