Peter’s Voice


Peter’s Voice began without its current name when Rick Fahey and Dick Vangelder brought praise music to the family worship service at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Salisbury, Maryland and entertained at area nursing homes. The duo was later joined by Art Johnstone, Shannon Donoway, and Rick’s son, Sean. Various other members have joined in to sing and accompany with music talent throughout the years. The current members are Rick Fahey, Dick VanGelder, Art Johnstone, Sean Fahey & Laura McCarthy.

They chose the name ‘Peter’s Voice’ as a reference to their church and the musical voice they have in the community. Beginning in 1999, the group took their music outside the church and has given numerous performances in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Michigan, and New York. Peter’s Voice performs at a variety of nursing and retirement homes, at churches and at a variety of larger format events. and they provide Sunday Worship service music at St. Peter’s Church on a regular basis.

The Peter’s Voice sound is best described as eclectic and their musical styles are purposely varied to pull from the wide variety of backgrounds of the members. Styles in the Peter’s Voice CDs include folk, rock, Latin, and swing.

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Peters Voice participating in a gospel concert held at Christ United Methodist Church to raise funds and awareness for Blind Industries.