Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir:  Music for the Glory of God

St. Peter’s Children’s Choir is a singing opportunity for boys and girls Grades 1 to 5. It offers children a unique music experience working with other youth in the preparation of quality music for worship and for Christian growth in knowledge and faith. Calvin Collins is the new Children’s Choir Director and will begin his position in late August.

St. Peter’s Children’s Choir offers: 

• Professional training in music for children Grades 1-5

• Exceptional and varied music

• Musicianship, music making and fun

• Older youth are welcome volunteers to mentor and assist


Rehearsal Schedule

 All Rehearsals are held in the Children’s Choir Room, 2nd Floor, St. Peter’s Parish House


Children’s Choir Survey


Objectives of the Children’s Choir:

• Choristers have a supportive community of other kids, leaders, parents and helpers. It will be like a big family.

• Choristers sing sacred music that is kid appropriate and interesting—including contemporary music and great hymns of the faith. Singers perform many styles of music, all intended to express a vibrant faith.

• The making of good choral sound will be enhanced by a variety of artful activities such as the use of descriptive movement (such as signing, choreography, dowels), brief dramatic skits, handchimes, drums and other instruments.

• Music, recordings, DVD’s and teaching materials for rehearsal will be provided from the church budget. Snacks, beverages and supplementary items may need to be donated from participant families.

• A dedicated room is set up for the choir


Singers will learn to:

Stand and sit well when singing
Sing with focus and concentration
Follow the conductor
Match the pitch of a note
Sing melodies
Identify which of two notes is higher or lower
Clap in time to a familiar song
Find their place in a musical score
Understand some common musical symbols
Identify their vocal line in the music
Understand the basic markings for soft and loud
Attend choir rehearsals and performances regularly and punctually
Advise the director in advance when they are going to be absent
Make a positive contribution to the choir

For more information, contact St. Peter’s Music Director Bruce Horner or the Parish Office.