Bishop Marray Visits St. Peter’s Jan 15

bishop-marrayThe first visit of our new Bishop of Easton, the Rt. Rev. Santosh Marray, will occur on Sunday, January 15.  The visit of the Diocesan Bishop is an important annual event in the life of an Episcopal parish.  Bishops in our church serve as chief pastors, exercising a ministry of oversight and supervision.  Bishop Marray, as our Diocesan Bishop, holds jurisdiction in the Diocese of Easton, with particular responsibility for the doctrine, discipline and worship of the church.  Bishops preside at ordinations of bishops, priests and deacons;  bless altars, fonts, chalices, patens and church bells;  consecrate new churches and chapels; and at his visit this month, Bishop Santosh will preside at the confirmation and reception of members of our parish.

There will be three services as usual on the Sunday the bishop visits:  7:45am, 9:00am, and 11:00am.  The bishop, as is proper, will preside and preach at each of the services.  He has also asked that there be an opportunity for the parish to gather together while he is with us so that he can address everyone and have a conversation with us.  He is doing this with all parishes in the Diocese of Easton in his first 100 days in the office of bishop.  As such, there will be an all parish lunch and discussion with Bishop Marray on that Sunday after the last service at 12:30pm in the Parish Hall.  Everyone is asked to be present at that lunch.

In addition, Bishop Marray will be meeting with youth at the 10:15am Sunday School Hour, to teach and to have a conversation with them in place of the usual Sunday School class.  Parents are asked to make sure their children are present to meet with Bishop Marray.

At the 9am service the confirmations and receptions will take place.  Music will be provided by Peters Voice, St. Peter’s Worship Band, St. Peter’s Key Singers Children’s Choir and Robert Young at the organ.  At the 11am service, music will be provided by St. Peter’s Choir, the Grace Notes Hand Bell Choir, and Robert Young at the organ.

Let’s have a good turn out and welcome for our new Bishop when he visits St. Peter’s on January 15.