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So. Convocation meeting postponed to Feb. 13

The pre-convention Southern Convocation meeting of the Diocese of Easton to be held at St. Peter’s scheduled for January 28 has been postponed due to a snowstorm.  The new date and time of the meeting is Thursday, Feb. 13 at 7pm in the Parish Hall of St. Peter’s Church.

Charles Bloodsworth Funeral Sat. at 1pm

The Memorial Service for Charles Bloodsworth, spouse of Parishioner Ellen Bloodsworth, will be held Sat., Jan 25 at 1pm in Bethesda United Methodist Church in Salisbury.

Sun. Adult Forum: Re-imaging the Church

Our Diocese is facing change:  Bishop Shand announced his resignation effective July 1, and has encouraged the Diocese not to rush to elect a new Diocesan Bishop but to have conversations about the future of the Diocese and, as an unprecedented interim step, to elect a Provisional Bishop for the next two years.  How will having a different leader in our Diocese affect the Diocese and our parish?

The Episcopal Church is facing change:  The 2012 General Convention commissioned a Task Force on Re-imaging the Episcopal Church to recommend some radical changes to how the church operates, and their preliminary consideration include changes to the make-up and number of dioceses, changes to General Convention composition and how decisions are made, reconsideration of the nature of the office of the Presiding Bishop , and more – and these changes could be ratified by the General Convention of 2015.

On Sundays in January Father David will lead a three part Adult Forum Series on “Re-imagining our Diocese and the Episcopal Church” in light of changes on the horizon for our Diocese and the Episcopal Church.  The series will be held 10:15am -10:50am on January 12, 19, and 26 between the 9am and 11am services.  Be informed about your church’s future.  Learn how things operate now, and what changes to structures and policies could mean for St. Peter’s and for Episcopalians in general.

Here’s the schedule of sessions:

JAN 12: Where are we now?  Current structure of the Diocese and the Episcopal Church:  History of their establishment, role of the Diocese, the  Bishop, the General Convention, the Presiding Bishop and Councils of the Church.

JAN 19: Where are we going? (Part One) Task Force for Re-imagining the Episcopal Church:  Areas it is seeking to change in the National Church.  Process for change.  Reaction and Discussion.  Ramifications for Episcopalians.  What’s next?

JAN 26: Where are we going (Part Two) What does the resignation of Bishop Shand mean for the future of the Diocese of Easton?  Issues the Diocese will confront at its next Convention.  How the decisions of General Convention to re-imagine the church could play out in our Diocese.  Reaction and Discussion.  What role St. Peters’ can play in the future of the Diocese?

Parents Meeting this Sunday

All parents of children at St. Peters’ are invited to participate in a meeting with Father David about youth and family activities and programs at St. Peter’s for 2014.  This will be an informal discussion covering existing educational and fellowship activities for our youth, and ideas for new programs and activities that might be undertaken in 2014. Other topics include Holy Communion instruction and Confirmation classes.

The meeting will be held in the Parish Hall at 10:15am (between the 9am and 11am services).  Please plan to attend.